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3 Gorff 2011 – GALWAD GLYNDŴR. This blog is meant to unite all that believe in the just cause of Owain Glyndŵr, Owain IV, our past, present and future ...

26 Jul 2011 – Mudiad Tarian Glyndŵr campaigns against oppression of our people and expropriation of our land and its natuural resources. ...

Owain Glyndwr Communicates.: TOGETHER CYMRU/WALES STAND UNITED IN ... - Cached
26 Jun 2011 – Owain Glyndwr Communicates.: TARIAN GLYNDWR DEFENDS HYDDGENFROM . ... HYDDGEN 16 MEDI 2009 'DYDD GLYNDWR' Time Table of Turbine

Four Photos Below taken at previous Embassy Glyndŵr outings to Hyddgen Battle Site some years back. First photo taken at Cofiwn Memorial in a Tarian Glyndŵr Registration. - Cached
1 Jun 2011 – BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR. Material associated with the Military History of the Last Great War of Welsh Independence 1400 - 1416 - 1422. ...

pic 1: Cofiwn memorial at Hyddgen

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23 Jan 2010 – The Voice of Wales. The Non-Political View ... the wild unswept area of the Battle of Hyddgen, the defining moment which ensured that ...

Pic 2: The battle site

Pic 3: Cerrig Cyfamod Glyndŵr

Pic 4:
 Pobl Glyndwr field trip to Hyddgen to renew the Cyfamod at Cyfamod stones.

Pic 5:
Campaign to Defend Safle Brwydr Hyddgen initiated by Cambrian Mountain Society - Supported by Embassy Glyndŵr. - Cached
6 Mar 2011 – Cambrian Mountains Society: Welcome and a brief introduction ... - Cached
6 Mar 2011 – Cambrian Mountains Society - information on the Nant y Moch ... - Cached
The proposed Nant y Moch wind farm will make a significant contribution ... with experience of over 55 planning applications and environmental statements ... The locationof the proposed wind farm
 in mid Wales, is east of the A487 ..
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Mynydd Du Wind Farm Site. Particulars. These particulars are given as a guide for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been ...


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These particulars are given as a guide for information purposes only. ... have proposed a site to the south of this site called Nant y Moch, details ...

Embassy Glyndwr proposes to commit further to this campaign by promoting a token Camp Glyndŵr in the area of the proposed Nant y Moch Windmill Plantation over the June 1 - 5  Bank Holiday 2012. Suggesting that this Camp Glyndŵr in fact be any number of Pobl Glyndŵr camps on and around Safle Brwydr Hyddgen also with other anti - Windmilling of Mynyddoedd Pumlumon protesters camping over an area in and around designated Nant y Moch Windmill Plantation site. Think on this and begin to plan and prepare, keeping in mind that this will also be an escape 'Diamond Jubilee' camp with a sound (not pointless) patriotic purpose, not the nonsense of Adam Phillips of Camp 'Long Kesh' Corris ilfame, he runs off to every time it gets too patriotically and politically challenging for Balchder Cymru to handle.

BBC - Mid Wales Owain Glyndwr - Hyddgen Walk - Cached
24 Nov 2005 – Finally it is worth visiting Siambr Trawsfynydd, Glyndwr's likely base camp. Though affected by modern forestry and forest roads it is easy ... - Cached
1 Mar 2011 – Nant Tarren fedw-ddu One of many deep and lonely valleys on the northern side of the Pumlumon plateau. Summit of Bryn Moel and Mynydd Bychan ... - Cached
3 Mar 2011 – bing Map of Clipyn Du [Tarren Bwlch-gwyn] [Siambr Trawsfynydd], ... Time Out Book of Country Walks near London, volumes 1 and 2 ... - Cached
8 May 2011 – Cairn at Esgair y Ffordd. near to Siambr Trawsfynydd [other Features], Powys, Great Britain. Cairn at Esgair y Ffordd ...

Nant y Moch - national treasure or industrial wind farm? Jun 22 2007 By Andrew Forgrave, Rural Affairs Editor. CONSERVATIONISTS are calling for one of ...

BBC News - Campaigners stage Nant y Moch wind farm protest - Cached
6 Mar 2011 – protest against plans for 64, 140m (459ft) tall wind turbines has been staged in the ... Campaigners stage Nant y Moch wind farm protest ...

Hyddgen – desecrating the sacred? | Backpackingbongos - Cached
9 Mar 2011 – Hyddgen – desecrating the sacred? by backpackingbongos. Leaving the lovely hippy town of Machynelleth on foot you cross low rolling hills ... - Cached25 Apr 2011 – ... Articles · Audio · Books · Climate Quiz · Conference · Donate £ · Energy policy ... ARTIST DAVID BELLAMY NANT-Y-MOCH WIND FARM PROTEST - Cached10 Mar 2011 – 'It is here that we hope to make our stand against the depredations upon ...on a grassy hillside high above the glistening Nant y Moch Reservoir. ... not just relating to this area but all inshore windfarms proposals in ... - Cached
6 Jun 2009 – Wind Farm at Nant y Moch. Some miles away from where I live is a ... At an initial 'information' display in a village hall a while ago I ...