Thursday, 10 October 2013

NEWPORT 5th OCTOBER 2013 - TWO DAYS TOO LATE - MURAL DOWN AND CHARTIST OUT FOR COUNT - If There Was Ever a Case For The Wales Left To Occupy Public Space Then Surely This Was It and so why not?

To my mind this was all very much too similar to the Anti - BNP protest in Swansea, all hot air and little real action to achieve the desired end in Victory! Did not need a crystal ball to give advance notice of what Newport Council would go and do to forestall a really successful continuing protest and they did it with the arrogance of those in power who perhaps know only too well they got the people beat and protesters in a corner.

 It amazes me that when USA radical sneeze and occupy, the Wales left coughs and does exactly the same and pulls of an 'Occupy' stunt in Cardiff for no particular good reason, herei n Newport there was a good reason, so why no occupation in John Frost Square long before 3 October as 'Peoples Vanguard' in advance of greater things for the 5th October 2013 making of it a day to remember as the day the people won? Now what, meetings with bone head Councillors and seeking of some new memorial down the road or maybe best just gather up the pieces and mixed with cement dump on doorstep of Council Office or is that too radical? What we need is more of the Tarw Scotch not 'Tame Taffs'.

Council's Contradiction and Cadw's Criteria.

Council stated that it would have been too costly to take down and put back up elsewhere but the Artists (RIP) Son offered to take it down for free. I have no doubt that if this proved too big a job all he had to do was appeal for help from artists across the land and plenty would have come to his aid to get the job done but no that was not good enough for the Council, so which of Newport's Councillors are getting some Junkets in out of all this? On top of this the Council then stated the wall was unsafe anyway and not fixed and thus a danger and perhaps an 'Accident waiting to happen' as is that famouse wall on way to Aberystwyth with the 'iconic' slogan COFIA DRYWERYN there upon. Perhpas that is a serious accident waiting to happen being a wall, end of a cottage I believe? that is not shored up and not made safe butting on to a once Milk Churn collection stand, all part of a large side of road Car Park space often used by families with children playing there and walls do collapse and kill kids but no matter that is not an argument for pulling this crumbling wall down with it's 'iconic' Nationalist Slogan that to my mind as long reached it's 'Use By Date'. › ... › August 3, 2009‎ Cached
Free Online Library: Appeal to restore old graffiti. by "Daily Post (Liverpool, England)"; News, opinion and ... The Cofiwch Dryweryn 
graffiti daubed on side.

Interesting is it not that this 'sloganised wall' has the local Community Council, Ceredigion Council and WAG plus CADW all out to save 'for the nation' at a price when the land owner should be all to happy to give to the Nation but no I believe the asking price was £80:000 of which CADW found the criteria to make it possible for them to donate £30:000, wonder full and I wonder why? Maybe it was because one time 'Crachach Newydd' Arts Guru and 'Head Honcho' Meic Stephens of Arts Council of Wales painted this slogan as a young radical Cultural Nationalist student at Aberystwyth University. Otherwise, if the some authority had decreed the wall had had to come down and the rubble cleared away might there not been a  Nationalist Up Rising and perhaps Car Park occupation long before such occurred  I believe so! Not that Welsh Nationalists have much more fight in them today as 'Welsh Socialists' do not but in above instance I am sure the 'Nats' would have put their backs to the Wall and been prepared to be arrested and carted off to jail. So, what went wrong with the 'Save The Mural' campaign, a far greater work of art than just one of many slogans we see around Wales to remind of earlier patriotic struggles. Whatever, Slogans of Despair >



Paul Foot turned up not to support the protest, possibly just to aggravate  As this Brit MP was in favor of the Mural coming down to be replaced by a Shopping Mall, despite Newport being over loaded with empty shops.

When challenged about his views he simply said, it was only 'symbolism'.

So, there you have it and out of the mouth of a 'Socialist' well LP member.


Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr

PPS: Of course CADW and National Museum of Wales are very good at buying up this and that important piece of Welsh History, particularly Churches then numbering each stone etc. Taking down and taking away to St Fagan's to be replaced at great expence, so maybe dump some Chartist Mural remains on CADW's (Conquest And Defeat Wales) door step.