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CROWN ESTATES AND AUSTRAILIA LAND ACT LEGISLATION This Post Helpful To Considerations of a Wales Land Act.

In the United States the feudal concept of Crown land and Crown Estate was ... In
Australia, public lands are considered to belong to the Crown. ... In Tasmania, the
management of Crown land is governed by the Crown Lands Act 1976. - 68k - Similar pages
Summary of the Act. The Crown Estate is an estate in land only, apart from cash
and gilts holdings necessary for the ... - 107k - Similar pages
It is now being superseded by the Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA). ... The
Land Administration Act 1997 provides for disposition of Crown land by ballot ....
The greatest estate that can be held by a person without being the absolute
owner, ... - 114k - Similar pages
represented an end to the Imperial authority granting estates in Crown land in
Western. Australia. Under this Imperial Constitution Act, the power to grant
estates ... -Similar pages
Adopted by the Minister under section 114(1) of the Crown Lands Act 1989, as it
applies to the Crown Land comprising Yarranabbe Park (R76319) Reserve, ... - 46k - Similar pages
Crown Lands has moved to legally reserve declared sites as Crown reserves for
the public purpose of surfing recreation under the Crown Lands Act 1989. ... the
significance of the Crown estate in the surfing culture and Australian lifestyle. - 39k - Similar pages
CLD investigates and assesses Aboriginal land claims across the state under the
NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983. The Crown estate is managed in ... - 37k - Similar pages
By the late nineteenth century the rents of Crown lands had become the least ...
South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory the Crown estate ...
and excise, enacted a land tax under the Land Tax Act, 1911 (Commonwealth). - 76k - Similar pages
Subject to the Aboriginal Land Grant (Jervis Bay Territory) Act 1986 , Crown
lands in the territory shall not be sold or disposed of for any estate of freehold. ...
The Schedule—Surrender to the Commonwealth Of Australia by the State of New ... - 7k - Similar pages

Western Australian Consolidated Acts ... fee simple from the Crown or otherwise
which but for this Act might be held to be paramount or to have priority the
proprietor of land or of any estate or interest in land under the operation of this
Act shall ... - 8k - Similar pages
Alternative, freely available, sources of Australian legal information include
AustLII ... Crown Land Management Act 2009 (SA): An Act to make provision for
the ... law relating to the simplification of the title to and the dealing with estates in
land. Law - 31k - Similar pages
Crown Lands Act - the statute which provides for the administration of crown land
in South Australia. Crown lease (CL) - see title reference. Crown record (CR) ..., property and land/Customer entry points and contacts/Land services industry entry point/Online services/PropertyAssist/Glossary of property terms - 94k -Similar pages
18 Jun 2012 ... A Welsh Land Act electronic petition to remove the Duke of ... support the call for
Peoples Allotments on Aristocratic Estates and Crown Estates ... - 107k - Similar pages
8 Land granted by Crown to be subject to this Act 17. 9 Duty of .... 58 Registrar to
give effect to order vesting trust estate 96 ..... legal practitioner means an
Australian legal practitioner within the meaning of the Legal Profession Act 2004; ...$FILE/58-6399a163.doc - Similar pages

Archives In Brief 93 - Background to conditional purchase of Crown ...
The Crown Lands Alienation Act 186
1 dealt with the sale of land and the Crown
Lands .... John Ferry, 'New South Wales land records and family history', pages ... - 38k - Similar pages

The Crown Lands Acts 1861 (NSW) were introduced by the New South Wales
Premier, John Robertson, in 1861 to reform land holdings and in particular to ...
robertson-land-acts - 57k - Similar pages

21 Apr 2012 ... No To Royal Hypocrisy in Wales - We need a new Welsh Land Act to take back
Crown Estates in Wales as well as Aristocratic Estates like ... - 106k - Similar pages
25 Apr 2012 ... Petition: In view of the fact that our Cymric land is being desecrated by ... to thecommunities and people of Wales through this Wales Land Act. - 19k - Similar pages